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The files available for download are listed below:-
File Description
picfreq3.asm (16.93kB)The frequency counter assembler listing - issue 2
counter-pcb.zip (336.71kB)The frequency counter PCB foil and layout - issue 2
yig_tx.zip (1.07MB)The GB3FY transmitter PCB foil and layout - issue 2
yigscan.s (6.37kB)10GHz PC controlled scanner assembler source - issue 3
RemoteOSD.zip (25.07kB)Enables Caption Selection from Sony IR Remote - issue 4
compass.s (11.74kB)Electronic magnetic compass assembler source - issue 4
switcher.zip (120.19kB)Video switcher source - issue 6
WinTV6.reg (3.5kB)Registry file for WinTV 6 - issue 7untripedodule review - issue 14
OSDBT.zip (6.75kB)Code for the Bluetooth button controller - issue 14
OSDAndroid.zip (883.08kB)Android apk file for the Bluetooth button controller - issue 14
OSDUSB.zip (2.36MB)Code for the MAX7456 OSD Computer USB Controlled - issue 15
tvo.zip (441.73kB)Files for the Video Text Overlay update - issue 18
Power_meter_v3.zip (54.54kB)Code for the 3cm 5W power meter - issue 18
ADF4360-osc.pcb (49kB)PCB data file for the digilite PLL local osc - issue 19
osc4.png (109.67kB)Analog Device ADF4360 -5 schematic diagram for PLL for Digilite project - issue 19
compare.jpg (625.72kB)DATV models comparison chart - issue 20
Sweeper.zip (57.94kB)Software files for the Sweeper article - issue 21
compare3.jpg (305.69kB)Updated DATV models comparison chart, page 1 - issue 21
compare4.jpg (323.65kB)Updated DATV models comparison chart, page 2 - issue 21
23cm-switch.s (16.32kB)PIC source code for DTMF switcher - issue 22
I2CAddress.zip (37.3kB)Source code for I2C scanner - issue 23
PS2TYPE.zip (35.63kB)Code for the PS/2 teletype project - issue 24
DATV_DX_Records.xlsx (17.36kB)More 146.5MHz DX transmissions added to Known DATV DX Records - issue 25
YIG_23cms_DTFM_TX.s (16.69kB)YIG 23 CMS TX EXCITER DTMF PWM output - issue 25
YIG_23_cms_ATV_TX.s (5.63kB)YIG controller for 23 CMS - issue 25
counter_software.zip (717.05kB)12GHz frequency counter software - issue 26
tcgen.zip (248.07kB)Circuit diagram,PCB info, CPLD programming for the Testcard generator - issues 26/27
2m_1W_trasn.s (40.76kB)Source code for the 2m 1W transceiver - issue 27
Si5351_xtal_sub.zip (4.81MB)Circuit diagram, PCB info, PIC programming for the Si5351 Xtal Substitute Module - issue 29
capgen.zip (38.33kB)Simple caption/graphics generator code - issue 29
tft_touch.s (14.46kB)TFT touch screen code - issue 31
colour-bars.s (12.45kB)Bars code for the TFT touch screen - issue 31
yig_filters.s (14.36kB)PIC code for the YIG filter - issue 32
rot.zip (45.42kB)PCB schematics and PIC hex file for the Antenna Rotator - issue 33
fw3d.zip (1.11MB)Software for the 3D horn printer - issue 35
CNG.zip (191.04kB)Software for the pi Zero Contest Number Generator - issue 35
BARSCODE.ZIP (131.56kB)Software for the pi Zero Bar Code Generator - issue 36
DATV_DX_Records_2016.jpg (841.92kB)Hi-Res version of the DX records table - issue 37
rotator-cct.png (2.41MB)Circuit diagram for aerial rotator - issue 37
fwrotator.zip (18.58kB)Source, hex code, schematic for the aerial rotator - issue 38
miniOSD.zip (12.85kB)Software (commented) for the miniOSD review - issue 39
fontedit.rar (111.32kB)Fonts and java app for the OSD font edit article - issue 39
ROT_TFT_stepper.zip (12.18kB)Source code and HEX file for the rotator article - issue 38
switcher455.zip (92.72kB)Source code info files for the 8 channel switcher article - issue 40
dds_sig_gen.zip (8.73kB)Source code and HEX files for the DDS sig generator - issue 41
switcher_part1.zip (29.34kB)Source code and libraries for the switcher part 1 - issue 41
switcher_part2.zip (27.72kB)Source code and libraries for the switcher part 2 - issue 42
tvo_v3.zip (521.83kB)Updated schematic for the video overlay - issue 44
blue.zip (2.06MB)Source and binary files for the Blue Screen Eliminator - issue 47
HB100_code.zip (4.65kB)Source and binary files for the frequency counter - issue 48
rain-wind.s (18.49kB)Source code for the weather station - issue 50
MP3TEST.zip (831.1kB)Source code for the MP3 module review - issue 50
I2CSLAVE.zip (34.76kB)Source code for the I2C project - issue 51
espbasicclk.zip (313.51kB)BASIC source code and binary for the real-time clock - issue 53
rssisoftware.zip (12.11kB)Source code and binary for the RSSI module - issue 54
VMIX.zip (1.62kB)Source code for the VMIX buttons project - issue 54
VMIXIR.zip (1.77kB)Source code for the VMIX IR remote control project - issue 56
polar.zip (10.6kB)Source code for the Antenna Polar Diagram Plotter - issue 56
Powermeter_dual.zip (46.81kB)Source code for the dual power meter project - issue 58
sw8300.ino (39.21kB)Source code for the 8x video switcher project - issue 60
VMIX16.zip (1.43kB)Source code for the VMIX16 buttons project - issue 63
TELV230.zip (163.4kB)Source code I2C simple test program - issue I2C vintage
kpdtest.zip (1.23kB)Source code for the keyboard switcher test program - issue 65
easyvmix.zip (1.43kB)Source code for the vmix MIDI controller - issue 68
button_test.bas (7.17kB)Source code for the GVG100 Panel Button Test - issue 73
Lamp_test_Annex.bas (1.6kB)Source code for the GVG100 Lamp Test - issue 74
gvg10b.bas (22.62kB)GVG panel latest code in Annex BASIC- issue 78
gvg12 (25.87kB)GVG100 Panel software 12 - issue 79
VMIX2.zip (2.53kB)Ethernet VMIX Controller Experiment - issue 79
gvg14 (24.48kB)GVG100 Panel software 14 - issue 80
MotorolaMHW-707.pdf (374.41kB)Motorola MHW 707 data sheet- issue 80
keypad.zip (1.86kB)BASIC code for the micro corner article- issue 81
TCM.zip (637.05kB)Source files for the test card - issue 81
PIC_TCG5.hex (1.92MB)HEX code for the test card - issue 82
speech.zip (5.67kB)Code for the Micro Corner speech article - issue 82
caption.zip (1.09kB)C++ code for the simple OSD article - issue 83
GVG15.zip (146.19kB)Code and info for the GVG 17 article - issue 84
movingpots (634B)Code for the GVG 18 article - issue 85
GVG16.zip (60.32MB)All the software some extensive notes/short version of the CQ-DATV articles - issue 89
ErnieAndBertBoard.zip (13.38kB)Code for the Ernie and Bert Board article - issue 90
gvg17.zip (6.97kB)Rev 17 of the BASIC that delivers joystick/positioner control over the Robot cameras - issue 91
gvg18.zip (7.04MB)Updated code and info for the GVG 26 article - issue 93
TFT.zip (31.05kB)Assembler source code for Johns touch screen article - issue 97

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