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Issues 1 to 7 are now available in pdf format. Please note that these are not 'proper' pdf files as they have been converted from the ePub files. Thus there is a lot of 'white space' on many of the pages, but all the information is there - enjoy.

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If your magazine fails to open, please check the size of your download, if it is smaller than indicated above, you will have lost some of the data during the download. The HTTP download protocol, if interrupted by a poor Internet connection, will cause this problem and will deliver an incomplete magazine, which will then not be possible to open in a pdf/ePub viewer.

Please report any problems to faults@cq-datv.mobi. It would help if you could include your Internet speed, location, download speed and browser name/version.

Please also note that the file sizes quoted above are 'real world' metric ie k=1000 and not 'computer metric' as some operating systems (Microsoft/Apple) would have it that k=1024. Thus, CQ-DATV8.pdf file size is actually 20,550,088 bytes and thus 20.6M, but in the imperial world this comes out as 19.5M.

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